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Unafix is a 

Charter Party Editor Plus

Plus Standard forms

Unafix is licensed to provide working copies and final copies of BIMCO and ASBA standardized forms. A selection of documents included;

Time charter parties:
NYPE 1946, NYPE '93, NYPE 2015, 
Supplytime 2017, WINDTIME, BALTIME 1939 (revised 2001) BOXTIME 2004, GENTIME and more.

Voyage charter parties:
GENCON '76, GENCON '94, GENCON 2022, ASBACHEMVOY, ASBATANKVOY, Norwegian Saleform 2012, TOWCON 2021, SHIPMAN 2009, HEAVYCON 2007, CONLINEBOOKING 2000 and 2016, Standard Deposit Escrow Agreement, BIMCOSALE and many more.

Bills of Lading:
CONGENBILL '94, 2007, 2016 and 2022 editions, HEAVYCONBILL 2016, BIMCHEMVOYBILL and more.

Various documents
Standard Stamement of Facts, Standardized NOR, Standardized Fixture / Recap form for dry bulk cargoes, Standardized draft survey form.

Plus Co-authors and collaboration

Unafix allows you to collaborate with your team, external partners and clients in real time to optimize efficiency. Thanks to our automatic and interactive audit trail you'll never lose track of the document status.

Plus Complete maritime document manager

Unafix is a complete, maritime-specialized document management solution. That means that we're not just there to help you manage your charter parties, but also facilitate you in the editing and management of NOR, SOF, LOI, draft survey forms and even your own customized house forms. 

Plus Fixture and Rider digitization and standardization

We offer full support for your existing rider clauses and sets, as well as for fixture recaps. To unlock the full potential of Unafix, you can digitize your rider terms into a single repository that your entire team works from. That way you can be sure that you're always up-to-date and never overlook a clause again.

▼ I am a Ship Owner or Ship Manager

Any Shipowner or Ship Manager in the modern era of shipping will be familiar with the administrative requirements that come with operating your fleet. C/P negotiations and management, B/L, SOF and NOR issuance, (draft) survey performance are just a selection of everyday administrative tasks that you and your team performs to keep your fleet operational.

Unafix offers a one-stop, cloud-based, solution where you and your entire team can collaborate to streamline this process and achieve results faster. Reduce the administrative burden on your team, both on-shore as well as on the seagoing crews. Achieve better results whilst automatically assisting you in maintaining ever increasing compliance demands.
▼ I am a Ship Charterer

As a prudent Charterer you want to be in control of your next chartering operation. By working from a single cloud-based repository with your entire team, you can be sure that you are always working in full compliance with the latest editions of any house form or rider clause that your company operates on. Our distraction-free interface ensures that you can stay focussed on the task at hand and the extended, time-stamped change log will put you in full control of the final charter party.
▼ I am a Freight or S&P Broker

Whether you’re offering freight brokerage, S&P brokerage or both, you’re always striving for the same end result: a signed agreement with which all parties are satisfied. The resulting Charter Party or S&P agreement is the embodiment of your effort and its importance should not be underestimated. Unafix helps you not only produce better Charters, but it does so through collaboration with your clients and counterparts. This reduces your workload, increases your efficiency and by pro-actively involving your clients and counterparts in the process they’ll be more satisfied with the end-result.
▼ I am a Ship Agent

As a Ship Agent you are tasked with ensuring the smooth arrival and departure of Vessels and everything that goes with it. This involves the issuance of numerous documents, including bills of lading or waybills, potentially various different survey forms, timesheets etc. With Unafix you can do all this in a time-efficient manner, using real time collaboration to engage with the Ship’s crew and your Clients to ensure that they value your involvement in the port call and are sure to return to you next time.

What's included?

Trial period 1 month, only Copyrightholder fee* for final copies
Free account registration Yes
Maximum team size Unlimited
Maximum working copies Unlimited
Maximum .pdf exports Unlimited
Number of rider clauses & sets Unlimited
Redundant data storage in your business cloud Included
Monthly recurring costs No recurring costs
Customized forms (i.e. house bills of lading) Unlimited customized house forms
Co-authors per document Up to ten simultaneously
Feature development roadmap voting rights Optional
Monthly feedback meeting with our head of software development Optional 
Option to join the UnafixNegotiator program Optional

* BIMCO document costs are calculated only when a user finalizes a document in which BIMCO holds the copyright and are as follows: 

BIMCO License fee per finalized document

BIMCO Bill of Lading, Waybill or receipts: (i.e. CONGENBILL): EUR 1,-
BIMCO Norwegian SaleForm: EUR 70,-

BIMCO all other Standard Form Charter Parties (i.e. GENCON '94): EUR 8,-

Documents that have been finalized after the trial period ends may be subject to a Unafix fee. The Unafix fee starts as low as EUR 10,- per finalized document. We will always reach out to you before your trial ends. 

Frequently asked questions

1What is Unafix?
Unafix is a cloud-based Charter Party editor and document manager. We offer full support for fixture / recap management, Rider terms and we are authorized to issue BIMCO standardized forms.

All of your Charter Parties, Bills of Lading and other documents are automatically saved and managed from your secure private cloud, meaning that you and your team can access them anytime, anywhere. All of your documents are automatically saved with a full audit trail that logs and timestamps every change on a per-author basis. Work with your team or invite co-authors from outside your team to ensure maximum efficiency.

You can export unlimited .PDF files of working copies or final versions for yourself or to share with your partners.
2Who can use Unafix?
Unafix is tailored for professionals in the maritime industry such as Charterers, Ship Owners and brokers. With the adoption of Bills of Lading we've seen interest from Ship Agents looking to modernize and streamline their document management as well.
3Can I use the BIMCO standardized forms that I am familiar with?
Yes. Unafix is authorized by BIMCO to issue working copy and final versions of all of their standardized forms, including popular forms such as GENCON '94, BOXTIME, SHIPMAN, and many more. We are also authorized to issue working copy and final versions of BIMCO Bill of Lading forms, including popular Bill of Lading forms such as the CONGENBILL and HEAVYCONBILL. The collection of BIMCO Standardized Forms that we have integrated is constantly expanding and we can currently provide among others:

Charter Party Standardized Forms
BALTIME 1939 (revised 2001)
Norwegian Sale Form 2012

Bill of Lading standardized forms
4I tried it and I liked it! How do I invite my team?
It's easy, just log in to your account and head on over to your profile page on the top right of the screen. Once you're there, hit the "Invite team members", fill in their details and we'll send them an e-mail invitation.
5Is there a limit on team size?
There is no limit on team size and there are no costs associated with team sizes.
6What are co-authors?
You can invite co-authors to any document you're working on. Co-authors receive an invite link to the charter party or bill of lading they've been invited to and you can work with them on the same document in real time. As a Unafix user you have full control over their permission to access, edit and finalize the document they're co-authoring on.
7What does Unafix cost?
Account registration is free. So is editing and managing as many working copy documents that you need. PDF downloads are also free of charge. No subscriptions Once you're satisfied with the end-result, you can choose to convert your working copy document into a final document. Upon finalizing, you will incur a Copyrightholder fee and a service fee. You will only incur costs if you produce a final document. No recurring costs and no subscriptions. In case of BIMCO standardized forms, their fees are as follows:

BIMCO License fee per finalized document
BIMCO Bill of Lading, Waybill or receipts: (i.e. CONGENBILL): EUR 1,-
BIMCO Standard Form Charter Party (i.e. GENCON '94): EUR 8 ,-
BIMCO Norwegian SaleForm: EUR 70,-

Unafix is authorized by BIMCO to issue their standardized forms, and Unafix will arrange all transactions with BIMCO so you don't have to worry about that.

Trial period
During your trial period the Copyrightholder fees are the only costs you'll incur.

After your trial period, there will be an additional fee per finalized document, this is the Unafix fee. The Unafix fee can be as low as just EUR 10,- fer finalized document.

Our sales team will be in touch with you to guide you through our pricing scheme well before the end of your free trial.